October 30, 2008

What If No One Were Fat?

Imagine a lean and healthy America: The savings on medical,fuel, food and other costs would be enough to give every U.S. household more than $4,000... Article by Shirley Skeel (see the full article here)

Great article! Maybe we can get Americans motivated with a "tax health refund" once they get a "healthy pass" from their doctors? Money seems to be a motivator these days.

Airlines having to adjust, they are not alone. Disneyland has to fix some of their rides, due to people excess weight. Ironically, "It's a small world" ride is one of them. Many hospitals beds have to be made larger and stronger. Even caskets have to be re-designed. Sure the economic and environment impact on this country are huge; but so is the emotional impact on people which is too often ignored.

For years, we have talked about the nation weight problem. For years, we have told Americans what to do and what to eat. Visibly it did not make much difference, as the nation is still getting heavier. Most people acknowledge the information and then ignore it. They also ignore the medical warnings or question them. It is only when facing life threatening sickness that most people are finally willing to change their lifestyle. It becomes a personal decision that just can’t be pushed away anymore.

Why waiting to get to that point? Why jeopardizing such precious gift, life, knowingly? Do we only acknowledge the fact that we are mortals when we are about to face death? Maybe we should all ask ourselves those questions?

As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I often ask questions to my clients. I like to call it searching and discovering your soul. Here is one of these questions: Is there a situation that could arise in your life where your fitness might affect your chances to survive?

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