May 17, 2011


Date: 05/17/11

Dear EMERITUS Chef Marie,

Congratulations for being selected as the CEO-Personality of the year 2010!

We have designated your name with a bestowal of an honorary title as EMERITUS Chef Marie in all our official correspondence from CEO and iiCHEF in recognition of your contribution to iiCHEF’s founding principles and mission in food choices, good eating habits, and nutrition. You have demonstrated par excellence of the four key attributes desirable of your appointment as CEO-France from 03/24/10 to 03/24/11 as follows:

Strong culinary involvement
Leadership skills
Ethical in style
Philanthropic in society

The appointed CEOs for year 2010 were:
01.)CEO-USA (03/17/10- 03/17/11)--Ann Tuennerman, "Mrs.Cocktail"
02.)CEO-MALAYSIA (03/18/10- 03/18/11)--Dato' Chef Wan, "The Iconic Chef"
03.)CEO-NEW ZEALAND (03/20/10- 03/20/11)--Chef Martin Harrap, "The Global Guru"
04.)CEO-ITALY (03/22/10- 03/22/11)--Wendy Harrap, "Queen of Enogastronomy"
05.)CEO-FRANCE (03/24/10- 03/24/11)--Marie-Annick Courtier, "The Nutritionist Extraordinaire"
06.)CEO-DENMARK (03/26/10- 03/26/11)--Knud-Erik Larsen, "The Bon Vivant Chef"
07.)CEO-INDONESIA (03/28/10- 03/28/11)--Henry Alexie Bloem, "The Influencial Culinary Star"
08.)CEO-NEPAL (03/30/10-03/30/11)--Raj Kumar Adhikari, "The Culinary Genius"
09.)CEO-BRAZIL (04/01/10-04/01/11)--Leticia Moreinos Schwartz, "The Culinary Olympian"
10.)CEO-SRI LANKA (04/03/10-04/03/11)--Ravindra Suriarachchi, "The Cinnamon Hero"
11.)CEO-GREAT BRITAIN (04/05/10-04/05/11)--Cyrus Todiwala, "The Gracious Man"
12.)CEO-CANADA (04/07/10-04/07/11)--Chef Tomislav D, "The Frameworkcooking Guru"
13.)CEO-IRELAND (04/09/10-04/09/11)--Michael Talty, "The iiCHEF's Hero"
14.)CEO-GREECE (04/11/10-04/13/11)--Tzavarakos Christos, "The Perfectionist Chef"
15.)CEO-PORTUGAL (04/15/10-04/15/11)--Luis Alves, "The Avant-Garde Explorer"
16.)CEO-INDIA (04/17/10-04/10-04/17/11)--Satish Pathak,"The Modest Chef"
17.)CEO-PHILIPPINES (04/19/10- 04/19/11)--Louie Ramawag,"The Charismatic Chef"
18.)CEO-EGYPT (04/22/10- 04/22/11)--Mohamed Hamed, "The Nile Hero"
19.)CEO-SINGAPORE (04/24/10- 04/24/11)--Cash Fong Chee Peng, " The Lion Chef"
20.)CEO-SWITZERLAND (04/28/10-04/28/11)--Andre Egger,"The Alpine Chef"
21.)CEO-MEXICO (04/30/10-04/10/11)--Ricardo M.Zurita, "The Great Culinary Preserver"
22.)CEO-CHINA (05/01/10-05/01/11)--Wendy Chan, "The Premier of iiCHEF"
23.)CEO-SWEDEN (05/06/10-05/06/11)--Patrick Zetterstrom, "The iiGREEN Hero"
24.)CEO-VIETNAM (05/09/10-05/09/11)--Corrine Trang, "The Asian Julia Child"
25.)CEO-BANGLADESH (05/12/10-05/12/11)--Ahmad Hossain, "The Royal Guru of Bengal"
26.)CEO-KENYA (05/17/10- 05/17/11)--Allan Wambaa, "The Safari Master"
27.)CEO-GERMANY (05/24/10- 05/24/11)--Hermann Bucher, "The Top-Class Kuchenmeister"

Looking forward to your continual support of CEO and iiCHEF in the coming years.

Wishing you good health, good eating, good life, and most of all good luck to this accolade selection!

Kum Ng-Founder of CEO
World Mission: "Bringing joy and love to the table in every corner of the world!"



Thank you, Master Chef Kum Ng. I am greatly honored and humbly accept this honorary title.

If it was not for the health issues, suffering, but also the beauty I have seen in this world, I would not be receiving this “honorary title” today. I had many mentors in my life and I am very grateful to all of them. I am also very grateful to my husband, son, and family for their love and unconditional support. But I have to confess that there is one person that has changed me in a more profound way than anyone. It is his Holiness the Dalai Lama. His teachings have made me who I am today and I can never be thankful enough to him to have opened my eyes and heart. This “honorary title” is to me a representation of the solution to the depth of despair people face in every corner of the world. That solution is healthy lifestyle which dictates respect, love, compassion, and laughter. Chef Marie

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