June 7, 2011

The New "Plate"

My comments on the “plate” - the new governmental nutritional guidelines:

If you are paying attention to it, please keep in mind that those guidelines are just guidelines and require more personal attention!

Yes, reducing the amount of food/portion in this country is certainly a good thing. Sure eating more vegetables, fruits, and choosing whole grains are good things. Increasing certain foods and portioning the way they did is however questionable to me. Why, because every person is different with personal health history and individual nutritional needs based on lifestyle. Not to forget that age matters too.

Just for fun, let’s take an example using this “plate”. Joe is diabetic-2 and knows nothing about food or nutrition. I will say that he does not exercise, just to keep things simple. What do you think will happen to him, if he follows this plate? He will have problem stabilizing his blood sugar level. Why, because of the amount of carbohydrates he may eat in one meal, based on this “plate”. Carbohydrates are not equal and found in many different foods from fruits, vegetables, grains/starches, to dairies, and let’s not forget those troubles makers (!) many commercial items (cereals, snacks, crackers, food bars, candies, bakery items/desserts, sauces, to name a few). Sure he may have some fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and grains; but I guarantee you that he will have to balance that all throughout his day and not overload on one meal. There is also no mention of fats, which is important as well. It is not about a quarter of this and a quarter of that; it is about personal nutritional needs based on age, health, and personal lifestyle. And that is also true for those who are trying to lose or control their weight.

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