August 26, 2011


I remember the days when saying “I am sorry” had a real heartfelt meaning. But unfortunately today, I now realize that such expression is overused without much sincerity.

I personally don’t think it is ok to push someone, in order to get in the front of a line, and then say a quick “I am sorry”. I don’t think it is ok to almost run over a pedestrian, while simply yelling through the car window, a quick “sorry”. I don’t think it is ok to grab away from my hand, the last toy of a brand, and then say “oh, sorry, did you want that?” and then walk away with it. I don’t think it is ok to smoke in the elevator, with a prohibited sign everyone can see, and just say “sorry” on your way out. I don’t think it is ok to say over and over meaningless “sorry” while continuing to fabricate excuses to justify, at least in your eyes, your misbehaviors. Oh, I could go on and on. I am sure we all have our own experiences with such “sorry” and been guilty of such practices as well. I know I have on occasion and apologize for it now.

Saying these types of “sorry” is meaningless and never good manners. Maybe if we look closer at our “sorry”, we may realize a few things. We may see that our selfish behaviors result in those actions that lead to the endless and meaningless “sorry”. We may realize, then, that when we change our behavior, we no longer need to say “sorry” as often as we used too. The very few occasions we may have to say “sorry” would then be sincere heartfelt apologies for our true mistakes.

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The Culinary Butler said...

I agree that is very well said. I had someone the other day knock me off my feet and as they were running away leaving me on the ground shouted out "I am sorry" and kept going!

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