May 22, 2012

Chef Marie supports "Healthy Schools Campaign"!

Santa Ana School just won "Cooking Up Change" National Title!
Our young healthy chefs rock!

Thanks to "Kid Healthy" for organizing the first "Cooking Up Change" Competition in Southern California. Thanks to Santa Ana School District to open their door to them. Thanks to all the teachers, mentors, chefs, judges, sponsors, and all who supported Kid Healthy Organization. Without all of them, Santa Ana School win would have not been possible. I enjoyed working closely with Kid Healthy, the school and glad to have been among many to have inspired students to embrace healthier lifestyle. But let's not overlook with this school victory, what happened and what truly matters here. 

The fact that many students in Santa Ana School District learned nutrition, how to prepare healthy meals through healthy cooking techniques, how to present themselves, how to work together, how important is the support of a whole community to see changes, results, and so much more. What those students learned, they brought home. What they learned will continue to inspire them and everyone that are close to their lives, and so on.  Those are the real treasures!

Let these treasures be the inspiration for many communities to do the same. That win then, will be an even bigger win, as it will affect not just one team and one school, but a whole generation.

Be part of the change and get "Cooking Up Change" a chance in your community. I guarantee you will be amazed by its positive affects on many generations! For more information and how to get involved with "Cooking Up Change, go to "

And now onto the next project!

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